Camp Review 2015

(in Tamil)

Job Internship


Summer Camp 2014

– Farewell

“Training here worked as an exposure for me with entire new set of experiences. It Transformed me inside out as a biotech professional from a biotech student. In nutshell I can only say It has evolved me, Evolved me Dynamically”.

Shweta Singh

Worked with HariHar Biotech after completion of her M.Sc. Final Year Project & JobInternship between 2015-16. Currently settled in Delhi after marriage.

“My experiences were amazing during my one month of biotech training. I never thought Biotech Training in form of Summer Camp, offered by HariHar Biotech can be so informative and was filled with knowledge and fun. What I learned here is that Follow Your Dreams”.


Did Summer Camp in 2015, and was final year student at Amity University, Lucknow. Now working with Datamonitor.

“I learn lots and lots on new practicals in very fast track.. learning was smooth and experiments were all results oriented. First time saw live plants in-vivo tissue culture, really working inside culture bottles. Loved my stay at HariHar housing campus during summers and my all travel trips at Agra esp. to Taj Mahal.

Rashmi Niranjan

Did her Summer Camp in 2015 and was B.Sc. final year student from Bundelkhand Student. She just completed her M.Sc in Biotech from Shimla University and is now seeking JRF position after qualifying CSIR.

“Did my Short Term Training in 2015 Summer, when I was in my B.Sc Final Year from Bansasthali University. I learn a lot and make several new friends. My experiences were very cool and recommend all to join such camps during their vacations“.

Prachi Garg

Did her Summer Camp in 2015 and was B.Sc. second year student. She is present studying at Manipal University.

“Prior joining Job Internship I never thought Biological Science is having that big dimensions. I found interesting and learned a lot on US FDA and Clinical Trials regulations and want to be Successful Professional in this field going ahead”.


“I learn a lot during my 3 Months of B.Sc Final Year Biotech Project Training starting from instrument handling to logical scientific thinking. Here, I found the entire new way to express my inner creativity through graphic designing and scientific movie development”.

Rajesh Kumar

He did his B.Sc. & M.Sc.project training with HariHar Biotech.

Identification of Nobel Drug Targets in Oncoprotein Motifs in Pancreatic Cancer through Structural Protein Comparison between Normal Vs Cancer Patients.

Identification and Characterization of Genes related to Diabetes Mellitus through DNA Sequence retrieval from Various Databases using Global Sequence Alignment Tools.

Phylogenetic evolution in disease causing protein motifs among viruses and bacteria.

Agrobacterium Mediated Transformation of CSR-27 and NDR-359 Rice Varieties with cry1Ab Gene Driven by Seed Specific Promoter.

Molecular characterization of Thermophilic Bacteria using 16S rRNA Gene Sequencing.

Plasmid Isolation & Molecular Characterization of various Rizobhium sps. isolated from Legumes nodules.

Production of Major Bio-fertilizers.

Quantitative estimation of Anti-bacterial activities of plant derived secondary metabolites and their possible roles in household remedies.

Production of microbial pigment as food coloring agent (xanthomonadin) from domestic waste using wild type xanthomonas isolates.

Development of Common Household Technologies to Determine the Nutritive Value of Common Indian Species.

Micropropogation of Musa acuminata

Determination of Suitable Hormone concentration and Callus Induction from Anthers of Hibiscus cannabinus L. for Haploid plant production.