Role Of Hobbies During The Academics

  When A Habit Begins To Cost Money. It’s called a Hobby

Hobbies are activities that we perform in our spare time. It can be indoor or can also be outdoor like sports, music, writing, reading etc. It depends on the person what kind of hobbies he/she chooses to develop within which plays an immense role in the overall development of the personality. Hobbies tell a lot about the character or the type of personality he/she holds, they keep away from stress making mind fresh and more productive.  So, having a hobby plays a key role in our process of achieving success.

Starting from the academics, where students have to study big,  fat books which often puts them to sleep because they are boring but unfortunately they are to be read and have to acquire the essentials from it. With a fresh and happy mind, a student can invest around one to one and a half hours with books and that’s more than enough for a single day. So the question is from where does this fresh mind comes from in this stressful and fast pacing economy. It’s because of the involvement with hobbies, the things which we love doing makes mind fresh and full of energy. It helps the mind to mold towards more productivity and grab the essentials. The same goes for persons in jobs, a fresh and happy mind always help an individual to grow and excel in their respective fields.

Sports, music, reading novels, blogging, cooking are some of the common hobbies individuals take up to freshen their mind.  A certain kind of hormones called dopamine, serotonin are released inside the body, giving a feeling of bliss and pleasure.  These released hormones keep mind happy and healthy,  giving the energy to take up any task assigned.

Hobbies are something that always plays its role during and after academics as well. Once students are entering into the phase of getting offers, placements they need to face interviews were questions on hobbies make a difference. These hobbies define the type of personality and the interviewer makes a pen picture of the candidate and accordingly judge the candidate’s suitability for the particular job.

So, carrying a hobby along with the academics play a great role throughout the career keeping away from stress and pressure building on the mind and giving a boost to the lifestyle.

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October 23, 2018 4:01 pm

True, hobbies are quite essential for overall development of the personality. I started Football as a hobby, and now it has become my passion.

October 23, 2018 4:04 pm

Preparing for the competitive exams often drags you away from your hobbies. Taking time off studies and investing time for hobbies, sometimes doesn’t make sense

October 23, 2018 4:08 pm

I had started reading as hobby with a single novel in 2-3 months, but now it has been such that I can read a single novel in half a month apart from giving time to my studies.