One Size Does Not Fits All

To make our country pride and innovative, students must not be forced to take up a particular career option but should be offered with sufficient amount of options to choose from. In this era of fast growing economy where people are reaching mars, exploring it, embedding their names on the silicon microchip heading to the Red Planet,and this is the kind of technology which is tremendously growing forward. The technological innovation comes from constant focus, investment of time, along with collaborations.


The technology which is constantly innovating, the skill set required to acquire and implement these, should also be on verge of constant innovating. Which is the problem of the current scenario in India. The problem at present is that the students are confused in opting for the suitable course of education which they are really interested, resulting in the forced choice of the course from their elders, parents according to there suitability for the students. This results in the unfocused study, lack of interest, and thus going along with present technology decreasing the scope of  innovation.


Imagination leads to innovation. Imagination comes from deep thought process, result of constantly working on field of interest, which intern depends on the choice that was made to step on to the particular field. Thus, the choices that we make, mark a lot of emphasis in our lives as well as to that of others. The development of the nation depends on the choices of the individual that they make, because, choices made by every individual would lead to an technological advancement, making a mark in the growing era, thus benefiting the nation along with the individual in the process. Thus, the choices that are made at the initial stage mark a great emphasis in the development of the nation.


The field of interest is always the decision of the individual and giving the opportunity to make the decision for them to someone else, would lead to disasters. The solution is not that difficult to be implemented. Knowing yourself, is one of the key forwards. Knowing the strengths and weakness of own self helps to make the choice. Being aware of the strengths would lead onto converting it to  productivity along with working on the weaknesses in the process. This would not take ages to be there and make the choices, it just requires a deep analysis of the self, investing bit time and you are there ready to lead the nation to a path of progress, making the country stand strong on the path of innovation and technological advancements.

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