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Teaching and Learning are among the noble things one can do to be great or go ahead in life. Learning is never ending and one can learn up to any stage in life. In the field of science, a student keen to learn never settles for small things, they are always interested to do big and be different from others.

The starting stages of learning are always crucial for building a base and clearing the concepts. As, the students move ahead with it in the studies-graduation, post graduation and then to P.hd level, the base is one thing that helps them to move ahead with the subject and explore more, without clear basics one would be stopping his/her growth resulting in frustration in the near future. So, to avoid that frustration in the future, the problem must be addressed sooner by providing the right quality of training.

Teaching at skills Laboratory has always focused on clearing the base for the students, let it be at the study part or at the job level, knowing the how and why are always important which helps the student and the organization to be on the same path going ahead along with each other.

We at Skill laboratory teach students by:

1. Individual Training

2. Working along with a team

3. Improvisation/Feedback after analyzing the work done

4. Allowing students to make their own decision based on his/her understanding and;

5. Providing study material for references.

These are some of the ways we teach students so that they can be an asset to the organization as well as to themselves in the near future. This benefits both the parties making it a win-win situation for both. More the students get involved with the work, more is the learning in the process.

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