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Housing facility is a home away from home. Students from around the states come for different programmes and camps to stay. It has an environment that you will feel is as good as your own home. Hostels/Housing is one of the good things that students should certainly experience once in a lifetime. It teaches a lot of different things about life and gives you a great experience along with beautiful memories.

It’s worth mentioning that, students from different states come along and stay together, share commonness, build bonds and camaraderie which go a long way through life. Sometimes we make friends for life at some of the unexpected places. Staying along, sharing thoughts, talking science are some of the things that only a housing/hostel facility can provide, which a person staying at home cannot experience. The stay at housing facilities sometimes involve going out for site seeing to pass the leisure time, watching movies, going shopping, late night talks, studies etc.. all these things certainly add up to beautiful memories in a students life. Independent decision making, coordinating with people, working in teams, jelling up with people, management of things are some of the major lessons that are learned when away from home and a housing facility is one of those places where all these can be experienced and learned.

Students staying at the Hhbio facility have had a great experience worth sharing with people. The feedback has always been on the positive note. Stay at Hhbio is quietly reasonable like its fees for the different training programmes as compared to the cost outside of different housing facilities and training programmes and that is also one of the major reasons students enjoy a lot while spending less at the same time.

So, if you are from a place outside Agra or from inside, housing facilities are always open for learning, experiencing new things and making new friends. Do enroll at our housing facilities prior to joining at training/camps program by calling us at 09760241412. You can also enroll for it by emailing us at



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