Key Research Facilities at HariHar Biotech

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Skills laboratory provides every possible facility for the students to involve in the research program. While a student is involved in the internship or with the project work he/she can do research work if interested in at the facilities provided.

The key facilities provided at Skills laboratory are:

1. Library: Subscibes to a large number of journals like Science Nature, Natural Biotechnology, Cell, Nature reviews etc, both in print as well as online. HhBio also subscribes to business magazines/journals like Harvard Business reviews, Forbes, Entrepreneur etc. Our library comprises thousands of books linked with the latest knowledge in Biological science.

2. Laboratory Instruments: PCR, Fermentor, Centrifuge, CO2 incubator, an electrophoresis system, Microscopes, chemical extraction and separation unit, temperature control rooms, complete plant tissue culture technology with half a dozen laminar air flows and other instruments to carry out biological, molecular and diagnostic works.

3. BioIT Facility: 32 High-speed PCs, 8 MBPS optic fiber internet connections, wi-fi facility with all the necessary software for data analysis and other computing works.

4. Housing: Limited amount of hospitality is provided in the campus inside the housing area and that too on prior information only. Although the campus lies in limited within the reach of the city, flats and PGs are easily available around the campus.

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