How we Implement Strong Learning in Short Duration during Camps and in all Our Training Programs

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How we Implement all this:-

  1. Strong focus on Skill Generation : Our First and foremost importance is to develop necessary scientific hands on working skills, which can enable students to practice and learn real science going forward.
  2. Strong Will Power to do Something New:– At HhBio since 2008, we are working hard to do something more innovative and challenging. With every passing year we are learning how to make higher science education more effective at teaching level, which can be efficient to generate more and more Innovators.
  3. Strong Basic Biological Science Laboratory Experiments:- Individual Understanding of Science at Laboratory level is must for the growth of students. During the camp we provide, daily students with individual task to work on instrument and think rationally while working, like handling of Thermocycler too is open for individual, so he/she can understand batter how thing works…
  4. Strong Interaction:- Students throughout India visit us, so the camp itself creates an environment of strong intercultural exchange. We put discussion on scientific theories, logics behind scientific discoveries and so on and gradually students pick it up.
  5. No Boundaries of Time – Our camps runs for complete day… and everybody is free to join and leave at any time… which helps in developing open discussion and working platform.
  6. Limited Seats :- Since past two years we had limited number of Intakes so we can better focus on individuals. We strictly take max 20 students in one batch… means two batch in two month will bring 40 students in all.
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