How Job Internship Program can be Helpful to You – A Primer

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There are more than thousands of post-graduate Biotechnology students pass out every year with good percentages across India whom you have to compete with.

Now the question arises how you are different from them, or how you are better than them. Here comes the actual problem of competing with the unknown. Because how you can say that you are better than those when you both have the same Degree in the same field with good percentages.

Job Internship is the only way of shaping your future. Job internship whether full-time, part-time, paid or unpaid, it always has a positive impact on your resume. It adds accomplishments to your resume and you get real valuable experience.

Let’s discuss the benefits of job internships.

Job internship program provides you the real incites to work with industries. It widens up your understanding of how the work is done in a research-driven industry. It enhances your skill and equips you with a better understanding.

Sometimes even after getting the job, we feel our self-got trapped in wrong shoes, but job internship allows you to encounter with the real situation by helping you to learn deeper insides of the desired career field and allows you to decide if this is the right career choice.

There are many other benefits which you might not have thought of before. You amplified your self-confidence and equivalent develop your professional network. Which help you in your near future to get the personal reference.

Your likelihood of getting absorbed by the Company increases up to 85%. Even the companies don’t want to lose the skilled person.

Under Skills Laboratory program Harihar Biotech is offering Job Internship from 2009 onward and each year we take 10-15 students through this channel, which can be part of our organization just after completion of their final year degree.

How program cannot be helpful to you– if you are not focused, you are extreme introvert towards science, you already have prefix future plans (family business), you are emotionally week(drifted by friend’s thoughts.), unable to work hard, you have different expectations from program, you cannot give proper time to program and fails to understand the primary objective of program.

The real benefit of the program-  A focused mind with an inclination towards science is always on the beneficiary side, knowledge gained and the experience added to the profile through the job internship is quite valuable for the students in the near future. The experience gained through this internship will help students in the increment of the packages offered to them based on the learning acquired during the internship.


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