Eligibility and other Requirements for Summer/Winter camps

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Skills laboratory follow certain eligibility criteria to be part of the Summer/Winter camp. As, there are a lot of students applying in the program, for the limited number of seats, we follow certain criteria so that the deserving candidates get the benefits for which the program is made. In the camp, students get to work with all the instruments i.e from basic to advanced that they might be using in the future as well, plus the students get to know the advanced working of all the instruments used and therefore, gaining experience in their relevant stream which would be quiet helpful for the growth in the near future.

The eligibility criteria along with some of the requirements for the Summer/Winter camps are as follows:

  1. The students must be from a science background.
  2. Students eager to learn science and interested in taking it to the advanced level.
  3. Donate time to learn in-depth concepts.
  4. Identity proof (Identity card/Dependent card/aadhaar card)
  5. 2 passport size photos

The camps that we take up have no bar on education, its open to all those who want to learn and grasp the essentials of science. It’s just the eagerness and interest that we want a student must have to be a part of this innovative camp that we run twice every year in summer and the other in Winters.

So, to be part of the camp and experience a new direction towards science,  you need to register on the link http://biotechtraining .in/biotech-advance-training/  for both Summers as well as Winter camp.

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