Job Internship – Assurance to Career Plan

Job Internship here refers a short duration training where students are exposed to industrial work environment; in which he/she is willing to work in future.

Present Biggest Challenge :- 

Developing Employability for Today’s Talent is our core efforts during all our programs, and is also an urgent need of current time. Today students in biological science did not find a fit between their college education and the industrial needs. Or putting it other way round, biotech students after acquiring hefty degrees did not find enough resources to apply for jobs, in fact many wonders did their education even matches with basic requirements required jobs .

Also in parallel, students interested in entering into their own bio ventures fails to find solutions on how to open a business of its own and after that whom to sell their products & services; and thus adds to the key reason, why in India we lacks bio-entrepreneurship and in turn misses a great worldwide emerging opportunity, which is capable of creating millions of innovative jobs in coming years.

Possible Solution at Education Level :-

Job Internship if understood and taken up by young bio-entrepreneurs and job seekers in real way… will help them to broaden their early research ideas on economic feasibility level and generate innovation driven money, jobs and inspiration for many.

Quality job internship exposure many times help individuals in acquiring better access and understanding of the real business needs, besides their core scientific inputs; like what other management and business operational factors that are needed to be considered, how are the capitals mobilized and distributed among departments etc., prior jumping into new ventures.

For Job oriented students it also offers an equal opportunity as it does for an budding entrepreneur. It helps students to nourish skills, which can further help them in acquiring key positions, salary hikes and better employ-ability in future. It greatly aids individual’s thinking to access their future professional path. In past many years of teaching & training I found maximum young students fails to access their career scalability going ahead in future and opt for jobs which sounds cool and rewarding for short duration but spoils complete career going forward.

In India we spend so much on higher technical education but we fail to explain its productivity in real life. We also fail to explain how our learning can bring prosperity to our life going forward.

Please share your views, and share this with more and more ignited minds to bring transformation in higher technical education in India.

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Soumya Sinha
Soumya Sinha
September 5, 2018 9:52 am

True, bio-entrepreneurship is not much explored area. Colleges should include this in the curriculum so that more and more students can take up entrepreneurship as a career.

Rani Bhanshal
Rani Bhanshal
September 5, 2018 9:55 am

Do you provide job-internship program?

Himanshu Chauhan
Himanshu Chauhan
September 5, 2018 10:00 am

I am a biotech graduate, passed out in 2016, and am still finding difficult to get a decent job in the field of biotechnology. Can you suggest me something valuable?