I want to be Genius in Biotechnology – Learn to Innovate

The biggest innovation in the 21st century is the intersection of biology and technology. Beginning of a new era.

Today, there are ‘n’ number of companies that are working towards innovation by means of advancements in the field of technology and deep knowledge in ones core field, but at the same time same number of companies are grounded every year due to lack of funds and other reasons, resulting in failure to proceed further.

There is no doubt that the 21st century is turning out to be one of the most innovative year in the field of Biotechnology. India is also advancing towards innovation with new developments although going forward in a snail’s pace.

To advance in this field and match with the superpowers of the world, there is a need to scale up the research and development program and prepare the youth for the future. Preparing the youth for the future needs scaling up the skills, expanding the vision, motivating to create new and innovative ideas and exploring the world to the maximum extent. With Indian governments allocating around $24 billion in the field of Biotechnology in 2018-19, a 17% hike from the previous year and is quiet motivating that the government is concerned about the field which can be the face of the world in coming years.

Innovation is not a one day process, it’s a series of experiments, trails on animals, humans and   that takes place in along span of time. Patience, knowledge and determination to achieve the desired results are the key to be at the forefront of innovation. It doesn’t require a whole lot of space to innovate, it just requires, a small space, some important equipment and some skilled people guided to correct and result oriented direction.

Training the youth in the right direction is an important step that has to be taken to innovative in this field, and that work has to be performed by the experts of the field along with training institutes showing the path to excel, the latest trends, where to look forward and where not to wonder. Its the students who has to take the right decision by choosing the right expert who can show them the right direction and not just students, everyone need someone to give advises and show the correct direction. So, its time to grab the opportunity, get advises and move forward in the direction which can lead you ahead towards the path of your goals achieving what you desire.

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Indian needs to ellocate much more amount than it is doing at present. US and china are investing approx more than double than India, that’s y they are way ahead in infra and innovation.