How To Be An Explorer Of The World


Exploring connects to what matters the most. Looking around is the simplest task you can perform to explore this world of interesting things. Just notice the ground beneath your feet and ask, is it where I belong to, is it the place where I wanted to be from the initial stages of my life.

Today, everything around us is interesting and lively, its just the perception of the person who is looking. The closer you look around, the closer you connect with the surrounding and thus, expand your views and vision of understanding. Once, the web of expansion increases, you come out of your normal way of looking, and see the larger picture behind it. It takes around 10-12 years of continuous  efforts, machinery, people and thousands of millions of investment to build a single drug that is used on the daily basis for one purpose or another. Everything has a beauty in itself, you just need to have a long term vision/goals fulfilling the shorter ones in the process.


In the field of biotechnology, which is expanding day by day, technology evolving every passing year, companies collaborating to increase productivity and making acquisitions, there are a lot of stories going in and around us. The need is just to be aware, notice the pattern of change that’s going around. The need of the hour is to connect with people, attend meetings, conferences, seminars and document the changes, innovations that are constantly taking place. The more your expand the reach the more you explore the science around you, the more you explore, the deeper the knowledge gets, which ultimately leads you to the growing path. The aura you create around, should be such that that each dialogue  must be valued, emphasized, making it count for a beautiful tomorrow.

The effort put in by a team of intellectual people is always greater than that of a individual. The more you connect with people, sharing ideas, with the like minded people the more you get better. The team effort would always be a way ahead to take the science forward along with the nation to a path of unexplored things. Lastly, the most important thing is that put in your 100% in the task, let it be investigating at the lowest level of a molecule, gathering the information or implementing the findings or be it enjoying the process as whole.

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