Express Your Thoughts And Win Exciting Prizes

A lot of thoughts go through our mind every day and every second of our life. There are many ideas that wander in our mind that we take lightly, go untouched, and unimplemented. The great peoples around us are the one who has taken these ideas seriously and worked behind them, which gave a huge success. Some people who are not able to achieve this greatness make excuses or are happy with the things that are available to them already and not willing to change as well as some lack the platform where they can start from who could provide them a direction to their ideas.

Harihar Biotech have come along in the same line to provide students an opportunity to express their ideas and win exciting prizes. It is running a campaign that is providing students with a platform where they can express there thoughts and views as freely as they can. Students need to have an idea in the initial stage which he/she want to express and share with the world. Students have to share the post on the social media platform and have to gain a number of likes and comments. The post of students which is liked the most by the audience and shared the most will be getting a chance to express their thought on the webpage of Harihar Biotech and also will be getting chance to win a cash prize on behalf of Harihar Biotech.

Terms and Conditions:-

  1. The idea/content must be original and not copied from somewhere.
  2. The topic of the article must be related to the technology in the field of Biotechnology.
  3. The article can be posted on any of the social media platforms i.e facebook, Instagram etc.
  4. The post attracting the maximum number of likes/shares will only be posted on one of the pages of Harihar Biotech.
  5. All the students will be given Certificate of Participation.
  6. The post of students with maximum likes/shares will only get a chance to be an author in the Blog page of Harihar Biotech.
  7. Top 5 students with the maximum number of likes/shares will only get the cash prize worth Rs 1000 and above.

This will be valid until 31st Dec 2018. After the mentioned date, we will not be entertaining any post claiming to have got the maximum number of likes/shares. It’s a beautiful opportunity for students to express their ideas and win prizes along with that. More the content is original and specific, more is the audience you attract. So, start thinking about the new technologies, new ideas and new ways to express it.

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October 25, 2018 10:26 am

When can we start submitting the write up on the social media and when can we submit that at Harihar Biotech?

October 25, 2018 10:34 am

Can we write articles in Animal Biotechnology?

October 25, 2018 10:37 am
Reply to  Soni

Soni, it is mentioned above that you can write on any of the topic relating Biotechnology. So, you can surely write on Animal Biotechnology.

October 25, 2018 10:38 am
Reply to  Ajay

Thanks, Ajay for the reply!!!