Common Mistakes Students Do In Their Academics


Education is one of the most important things one needs to invest on in order to be successful. Nowadays, without formal education one cannot great in the science field. The basic knowledge of the subjects come from the school and because of their interest in that particular field students take that subject as their majors in further studies, which is also a good step to be upfront with the subject of their interest. The students in their graduation invest a heavy amount in 3-4 years along with some personnel cost which rounds off to a total of 10-12 lakhs. The problem arises when the investment made in the studies do not reap its fruits when there are no opportunities that they can see or do not have any official offer letter in their hand at the end of the 4th year. So, what are the common mistakes that students do that jeopardizes their career?

Common Mistakes:- 

Students invest a huge amount of money on their college fees but the investment they do in their books is comparatively very less i.e approx. 5% of the total fees. Students rely on the library in colleges that provide only a limited number of books and that only few can take benefits of, and that’s one of the common mistake students do during their academics. Students spending 10-12 lakhs in 4year can also be capable of spending 10-15 thousand on additional books which can be more helpful for knowledge and building skills. The availability of books with the students is not the major concern but on acquiring the essentials from those books is most important. The major mistake that students do is that they are just focused on clearing the semester exams and after finishing 4 years of study, they start preparing for the competitive exams like CSIR, NET etc, which take them 2-3 more years of study. This is a long process and no certainty in this approach. The thing is that these competitive exams or acquiring the right knowledge are not a one night fight, its a gradual process of attaining the skills and knowledge for it.


“The Tortoise” approach i.e slow and steady should be the approach that students must adhere to. Everyone knows about how the slow and steady tortoise wins the race against the active and fast rabbit, it was because of his constant movement inch by inch towards the finish line. The students also must stick to this approach of gradual movement and not think of any shortcuts and fast track to achieving success. The students should invest in books which are relevant to their subject in their 1st year itself, read them along with syllabus without orienting them towards exams and only for acquiring knowledge. By this gradual daily reading in the next 4 years will fill you with the adequate knowledge and skill that will lead towards the set goal. This approach certainly bears fruits than that of the rabbit’s approach of starting to prepare at the end of the course and thinking to win the competition in a short duration of time.

I hope “The Tortoise” approach on implementing, would give students the desired results which alongside hard work is not possible. So, the right approach and hard work always give the desired results leading to the path of your dreams that you have set for yourself.

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Woww….never thought this could be real…!!!! amazing


hahhaa…..certainly Unbelievable….!!


Always thought this is only in the books, today saw in the real as well…now I believe slow and steady wins the race.