A Must Read Books in Biochemistry

Biochemistry is a new subject in the field of Biotechnology involving Biology and chemistry but also an emerging field. Many colleges nowadays include this as a subject under the Biotechnology department.  This is a subject many of the students find it difficult to understand the concepts and retain them for a longer period of time, it might be due to some large illustrations involved or taking less interest in it because it’s not much prevalent in the present scenario. But students have to understand that the future belongs to science and its different branches. Biochemistry can be easy to understand if the efforts are put in the right direction and the right approach. The right choice of books will always keep students away from beating around the bush.

So, to help students to pick the right choice of books and grab the essentials we are providing you with some of the important books students must refer for biochemistry.


1. Principles of Biochemistry by Lehninger:-  The book includes attractive photographs, tables, and illustrations along with the lucid language, the way of presentation is also quite impressive. This book presents the drab subject of biochemistry in an interesting way. It makes understanding of the concept in depth and has analytical problems for practice. Brilliantly updated edition which includes recent findings in Molecular Biology such as CRISPR Ca etc.

3. Harper’s Illustrated Biochemistry:–  It finely fulfills the expectation of readers with easy and understandable language that a person new with biochemistry can also grab it. It is well written for medical students as well. Different chapters emphasize the medical relevance of biochemistry with the full-color presentation including more than 600 illustrations. Each chapter includes a section on Biomedical Importance and a summary of the topics covered.

2. Biochemistry by Lubert Stryer:-  Its a fairly good book for learning the basics of biochem book. There is a number of pictures and helpful anecdotes to help the reader understand the concepts.  With a balance of topic coverage and depth, the updated editions cover the subject of biochemistry and reflect the advances made in this field. Biochem is dense and difficult as it is, but this book has done a pretty good job of explaining things in a fine manner.

4. Principles of Biochemistry by Voet and Voet:–  Voet and Voet is a comprehensive book for undergraduate students of biochemistry and biotechnology. The book comprises of chapters on biomolecules, mechanisms of enzyme action, metabolism, and expression and transmission of genetic information. In addition, the book consists of several examples and diagrams for the students to understand the complex concepts of biochemistry better. This book is essential for students of life science preparing for competitive examinations like NET, GATE, JNU, etc.

5. Instant Notes on Biochemistry:-  Its a perfect text for undergraduates looking for a concise introduction to the subject, or a study guide to use before examinations. Each topic begins with a summary of essential facts, an ideal revision checklist-followed by a description of the subject that focuses on core information, with clear, simple diagrams that are easy for students to understand and recall in essays and exams.

 Verdict:-  The books above mentioned are all quite important for the students who want to go forward with the Biochemistry as one of their main subjects. Stryer and Lehninger are must for the students in their undergraduate courses. For the courses which are of the master’s level, Voet and Voet and Harper’s are necessary for in-depth knowledge of concepts. Talking about the Instant notes, it comes handy for students of all levels i.e from undergraduates to postgraduates. To buy one of these books to enhance your knowledge, you can click on the link and get it on home delivery http://biotechtraining.in/store/.

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Lehninger is one the best books that I read for Biochemistry, its precise, clear, problem-solving support, and provides insights with clear communication tone without confusing students much. Students with Biochemistry must read this once…


I think Voet and Voet are much better than Lehninger, it has explained concepts clearly and it is also useful for higher studies as well useful in preparing for competitive exams.