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You can Communicate us on our Helpline Number 09760241412.
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Harihar Biotech is successfully organizing biotech projects training from past three years. In past through this channel we have selected very good employees for our organization.
Each year we innovates a lot on our offerings for our trainees, which in result is making our training programs unique, mature and beautiful with due course of time, for example, during our first training (in 2008) our main emphasis was on training the practical aspects of Plant Tissue Culture, (also that year we need employees for our upcoming PTC division) but presently, our main emphasis is on Systems Biology (BioIT), as it is the demand of future and we think that student will get maximum benefits by acquiring knowledge on it, as it virtually covers all aspects of Biological, Mathematical and Computation Science.

As in earlier answer we suggest that each year we innovates a lot to bring the best experience of learning for our students like from 2010 onwards we have introduced video lectures in system which means now student prior practically performing the experiments can attain video lecture to understand better about the things. We also make our two-acre Agra campus Wi-fi and put all necessary resource like video, study material, books etc including free internet on our secured wireless LAN so students can extend their learning experience beyond laboratory hours.o.

At Harihar Biotech our main motto at training program is to make realize student the importance of good career profile in his/her life and then to prepare himself for the same by acquiring good knowledge of the topics which can help him in achieving satisfactory profile after completion of degree. So while designing any course work either for students or for new employees, on top priority we consider that what we, as a growing biotech company needs from our newly joined employees or from the candidates which appears in our job selection interviews. Keeping such fact and all practical needs in mind we design course, which proves win-win for both We, as an industry and you, as a student after completing it.

Fin spite of all our efforts we cannot guarantee that we may cover 100% the needs of biotech Industry as the field is so diverse that each industry may have its research demands altogether different from the other.

This is really encouraging that you are interested in biological science research and want to opt for it in future. Being a research driven company, at HhBio we provide perfect learning environment for students to learn on emerging and most challenging topics in biological science. We at our project training give maximum emphasis on practical insights and on building basics, this helps you, in future to clear your CSIR-NET / DBT-JRF etc., exams and interviews.

HariHar Biotech is a government recognized and registered biotech company. Our Plant Biotechnology Division is supported by Department of Agriculture, Government of India. Also, we have research collaborations with Jiwaji University to carry out collaborative research projects.

Yes, We emphasis maximum on quality publication and encourage students in quality research output with first author name publication.

If you are interested in research publication then please let your guide at HhBio know about it at your time of project joining, so you may be placed in ongoing projects.

At HariHar Biotech Agra Campus, We have quality infrastructure facility like our library subscribes to large number of high impact factor journals, (both in print and online) like Nature, nature Biotechnology, Nature Neurosciences, Nature Reviews, Science, Cell, Cancer Cell etc. and has large number of books collections.

We have all most all the quality instruments (like PCR, high speed centrifuges , CO2 incubators etc) and temperature control rooms to carry out plant and molecular research.

If you have decided program in which you are interested in, then kindly visit Online Registration web page to fill the Application form.
For Assistance call us at 9760241412.

No, our all fees are non-negotiable and are the lowest and best in terms of learning experience. At HhBio we only charge for chemicals and consumables cost with administrative cost. .

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Biotech Training Related Questions

Yes, you may apply for one month short duration winter or summer training program in biotechnology organized each year for few students in months of January and June/July.

It’s good to learn that you are interested in background reading prior joining us at it increases the knowledge and confidence of student while working with us. In all our training programs we do not ask you to read anything specific but in Biotech Internship program we provide some study material in form of booklets which we require to read prior joining us, it covers all basics aspects of science.

For more details regarding individual fees for project internship kindly visit Biotech Training web page. For Biotechnology Camps visit camps web page.

Job Internship Related Questions

No, this program is only meant for the students who are pursuing their graduation and post graduation having industrial training as a part of their course curriculum, as the main purpose of such training’s are to identify and nurture talents at early stages.

This is a clever question; it helps student to learn and work in the field he/she likes most means it is a “one person-one solution” approach thus by expending in diverse fields we can attract more focused brains to interact and learn inside one campus.

No, the job program is part of selection process and is only an important part of complete recruitment procedure. Final decision for job selection is based on the performance of student during training and his/her willingness to work with us.

Camps Related Questions

From 21 days to maximum 2 months, depending upon the camp you choose.

Who willing to apply for Biological Sciences projects.

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