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About B.Sc. in Biotechnology Project Training

Our project training syllabus for B.Sc is designed in such a way that it covers the entire practical and theory aspects of B.Sc. Final year course work, for example we have all practical aspects of Plant Tissue Culture which covers Plant Biotechnology paper, similarly Recombination DNA paper is covered with practical Molecular Biology Sessions, which includes DNA Isolation from different organisms, Gel Electrophoresis, PCR handling, Gene Cloning etc. The Genomics and Proteomics Paper is covered under Bioinformatics Session.

Since 2008, Harihar Biotech is offering quality Biotechnology & Bioinformatics Training and is one of the oldest and best trusted name in the field among students and is the only company of its type in Agra and nearby region. We are a Global Biotech Company and works in the area of Cancer Research & Plant Biotechnology, with commercial Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory in Western U.P. We usually, through these training identifies and selects our future employees. Thus training serves as win-win purpose for both, students and for us.

Major Practicals covered in 3 Months of Project Training

Plant Tissue Culture

Hands-on Training Topics Covered:- Introduction to Plant Tissue Culture, Instruments Handling, Autoclave & Preparation of Stock Media, in vitro Stem Culture, Anther Culture, Embryo Culture, Seed Culture, Callus Culture, Root Culture and Micro-propagation of Banana, Primary and Secondary Hardening. Isolation of Essential Oils & Secondary Metabolites from Plants to check their medicinal Values.

16+ Laboratory Exercise Performed in approx. 18 Days.

Molecular Biology Techniques

Hands-on Training Topics Covered :- Introduction to Molecular Biology Techniques, Handling of all Instruments, Preparation of Stock Solutions, Plant DNA Isolation, Bacterial Plasmid DNA Isolation, Gel Electrophoresis, Protein SDS PAGE, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), and various steps in Gene Cloning. An Introduction to Animal Cell Culture.

10+ Laboratory Exercise Performed in approx. 12 Days.


Hands-on Training Topics Covered :- Introduction to various different Microbes Culture Techniques, Various types of Media Preparation including Lysogeny broth (LB) Media. Isolation and characterization of microbes from water and soil. Staining Techniques & Microscopic morphological characterization. Isolation of secondary metabolites from bacteria. Fermentation and Production of Bio-fertilizers.

14+ Laboratory Exercise Performed in approx. 10 Days.


Hands-on Training Topics Covered :- Introduction to Bioinformatics. BLAST, FASTA and sequence alignment algorithms. Data Mining Tools & Techniques, NCBI-Pubmed, GEO, Commonly used bioinformatics tools to identify genes candidates and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). Human Genome Project, Introduction to Genomics and Proteomics and their Applications. High-throughput Data Analysis – An Introduction.

20+ Laboratory Exercise Performed in approx. 7 Days.

Kindly Note :– All Students registering for B.Sc Project Training program are eligible to work on all the above four domains for first 45-50 days after that they can choose any project topic of interest and can further research in any of our three research departments to write their project thesis in next 45-70 days. Thus complete project exercise completes in 3-4 months of duration and helps students in providing a complete integrated and logical approach towards scientific experiment designing.



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Includes Project Training, in all major topics & Project Report Preparation.


Kindly Note :– Fee can be paid in two installments – 1st Installment 60% of fees at the time of  joining the training program; and remaining 40% by the end of first month of training shedule.

We recover only chemical cost during our training program. If needed, students can track their individual chemical expenses on themselves from day one itself and work on cost economics. All training offered are designed on “no-profit, no loss” mechanism, with primary aim to impart quality laboratory skills among future bio-technologist.

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About HariHar Biotech

Industrial Project Training is a part of B.Sc. Biotech course curriculum and covers 150 Marks in Final year examination of Agra University Curriculum, similarly may have different numbers at different University/College Level. These practicals oriented training are very important in providing industrial exposure and hands-on working/handling of higher research instruments and provides a deep insights on subject. Quality training are also required for good job and in deciding future research career in Biotechnology.

HariHar Biotech is a Plant Biotech company founded in 2006 and started commercial plant tissue culture in 2008 and is proud to be the first largest micro-propagation facility in Uttar Pradesh in private sector space. HariHar Biotech is part of HhBio Group and is actively engaged in Plant Biotech & Microbiology related research. It is active member of Skill India Movement launched by Central Government and also got financially supported by Ministry of Agriculture, GOI, and in past conducted various training for MSME and State Governments under TEQ Program.

We at HariHar Biotech with nearly a decade of understanding on industrial training, is committed to improve the quality of biotech training with proper industrial standards, to prepare manpower with global vision and commitment towards science.

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One of the Oldest and Most Trusted name in Biotech Training, with more than 10 years of Experience in the field.
Between 2008-2017, nearly 850+ B.Sc Biotechnology Students had successfully completed their final year project training with us.

Well Equipped labs with all equipment’s in working conditions and one can expect quick and correct experimental results.
Even Higher Instruments like PCR, ELISA Reader etc. are handled by students individually, so they can gain maximum and build confidence to carry out experiments and design research models going forward.

Quality Research Project Reports with each student works on unique & diversify research ideas and publish its own quality project report.
Also, we assist students in writing their final year thesis reports as per university standards which helps them in achieving quality marks in their final terms.

Each Student works on unique research ideas and publish its own quality project report and on successful completion of project training is awarded with valid Industry Training Certificate required for the completion of B.Sc. Degree.

At Harihar Biotech we keep complete student’s records, which can be reproduced wherever required by any Higher Authorities for proper validation.

Presently. many students are confused related with the career related future growth aspects in Biotechnology. Such extensive training in core field helps them to clearly identify what exactly Biotech is all about and how they can secure their future in this growing branch.

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