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Since inception, from past 10 years Harihar Biotech is offering quality biotech industrial training programs, mainly in form of Biotech/Bioinformatics Project Training and short duration Summer / Winter Camps to provide hands on training on higher instruments. The main purpose of organization is to promote modern biotechnology in its original form and to up skill youth in research domains (especially in areas we works). Further Reading

Working on Human Resource Innovations

Unlike other training/educational programs offered at University level, which mainly focuses on mug-up the scientific knowledge and techniques, We strongly believe in laying strong foundation of scientific principles and deep knowledge of practicals first.

We Don’t make Science Theoretical and Boring. Specially Biotechnology …

Our Skills Development Program works inside out, means it helps individuals to first identify their inborn capabilities and desires to be a specific field’s super hero, and then help them to link it with various career options available in biological science, which are best suitable for them; and then reignites their capabilities with our proprietary innovative training methods, that will definitely help to transforms in a successful career. Read More

Don’t just Expand your Thinking….

Transform it.

Supercharge Your Skills

Job-Internship program is specially designed for final year B.Tech / M.Sc. Biotechnology Students to provide an exposure to work and learn with us. In this unique Six Months Training Program students can also complete their final year project training, along with job assurance on successful completion of Job-internship program.

Kindly note their is no fees for Job Internship program, you are only required to register online for the program with certain registration fee, (refundable for students who are finally not-selected, after processing their submitted documents and online interview). Job Internship also offers monthly stipend to cover student’s basic expenses. Further Details 

Schedule 2019(from 20th Jan to 20th July)

6 months program designed for final year biotech students (passing out by July 2019), with stipend from 6,000-9,000 per month.

Eligibility – M.Sc. / B. Tech Final year Students with throughout 65% (6.8 CGPA) and above from 10+2 onward,  fluent communication (reading & writing) skills in English Language.

Online Registration – 25th September 2018 0nwards.

No. of Seats :- 10

Application Fee :- 2000/- (Refundable for non-selected students).

Enhance Your Research Skills

Biotech Project Training Program offered by us are strictly designed, considering individual’s research inclination and provides in-depth knowledge and training on the topic; with proper knowledge of instrument handling and noble research oriented problem solving.

We offers research training in Cancer Systems Biology, Microarray Data Analysis, Molecular Biology, Plant Tissue Culture, Microbial Strains Optimization, Identification of Food Adulteration at Molecular Level and many more similar domains.

These programs are conducted on self finance basis, and students are required to pay nominal fees to cover their lab expenses.

Kindly note their is no stipend under this program.  Further Details 

Online Registration – 15th September 2018 0nwards.

No. of Seats :- 10

Application Fee :- 1500/-

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Since 2008, Harihar Biotech is offering quality Biotechnology & Bioinformatics Training, and is one of the oldest and best trusted name in the field among students and is the only company of its type in Agra and nearby region.

Our project training syllabus for B.Sc is designed in such a way that it covers the entire practical and theory aspects of B.Sc. Final year course work, for example we have all practical aspects of Plant Tissue Culture which covers Plant Biotechnology paper, similarly Recombination DNA paper is covered with practical Molecular Biology Sessions, which includes DNA Isolation from different organisms, Gel Electrophoresis, PCR handling, Gene Cloning etc. The Genomics and Proteomics Paper is covered under Bioinformatics Session.

Further Details 

Online Registration – 15th September 2018 0nwards.

No. of Seats :- 20

Application Fee :- 1500/-

Short Duration Summer Camps (May-July) & Winter Camps (Dec – Jan) are organized each year for Biotech, Bioinformatics, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Food Technology and other life Science stream students, to explore science beyond classroom in an inquisitive learning environment.


Schedule 2019(from 20th Jan to 20th July)

Online Registration – 15th September 2018 0nwards.

No. of Seats :- 60 (For Summer Camp) ; 20 (For Winter Camp)

Application Fee :- 1000/-

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HariHar Biotech

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Registration are Open on Limited Seats

No Fees * 7000/- pm Stipend * Job Assurance * Project Training




Registration are Open on Limited Seats

No Fees * 7000/- pm Stipend * Job Assurance * Project Training